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Play, Learn and Train your Memory

A memory game becomes more relevant if you can relate to the pictures in the game. Glosify enables you to create a personal game by using your own photos.

The game table can be 6-40 tiles.

You can easily share games by either sending it individually to users with an Glosify account or by allowing Group share.

Glosify will give two game options:

Classic: Find two identical photos. When you succeed the pair will disappear.

Advanced: Create a game by combining a photo with a written word/name.

You can add an audio recording which will be played when you press the text tile and when you choose the right combination.

There is also an option to have all tiles visible (Open Tiles ON) or only one text tile open at a time. (Semi Open Tiles ON)

What is Glosify good for?

Language Learing

If you are starting to learn a language from scratch Glosify will help you to visualize the words and you can practice to combine the photos with the correct word. You create your own games with photos and words that are relevant to you and with some help from the teacher you can also record how the word is pronounced. This can also be very useful tool in rehabilitation from aphasia.

Learning Names

Knowing names is a powerful tool to show respect and to be respected. Glosify will enable you to learn new names in a fast an fun way. Allow the HR Department/teacher/coach to create a Glosify game with the relevant pictures and names of your department/class/team. The game will be given a Game ID and a password and then it can easily be downloaded to your device even without having a Glosify account.

Memory Training

Anyone can benefit from memory training, but escpecially if you suffer from light dementia or perhaps recovering from an accident.
If someone you care for is included in those categories Glosify enables you to create a game with photos of every day objects and people that matters to that special person.
For example: Photos of children/grandchildren combined with their names. Photos from trips and holidays combined with the year they took place. Anything that could trigger more memories.

Reminiscence Therapy is defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) as ”the use of life histories” to improve psycholocial well-being. Glosify can be a part of that therapy.