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We are maker of the very popular game:


MemoryLane Photo Memory Game is an amusing, social and valuable memory training tool for elderly and people with light dementia. You create a personal memory game with your own photos in your tablet or phone. With brain training games you can actually prevent some forms of dementia and in this case the player will have a personal reference to the game.
Why not uppdate your loved ones with a game with photos from your family vacation!
With the unique ”Advanced” feature, you can combine and make a pair with a photo and a text of your choice. That means that you can use MemoryLane Photo Memory Game to learn names if you are new at work, in team or in a class. It can be used in school as a fun quiz or at events like weddings or birthdays where you can create a game with photos from the main characters past and test their knowledge and memory on a big screen.
Let your fantasy flow!
MemoryLane Photo Memory Game is free from ads and in-app-purchases!
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